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Why You Should Choose A Powered Commercial Garage Door Vs. A Hand-Operated Model

If you are looking to install a commercial garage door in your place of business, you could be trying to decide between a powered or hand-operated model. For many businesses, a powered model is going to be the best choice. These are a few reasons why this might be the case for your place of business as well.

Make Things Easier for Your Employees

For one thing, installing a powered commercial garage door can make things a whole lot easier for your employees. They are sure to appreciate it if they can simply open the garage door by pressing a button rather than physically having to open it themselves. If you'd like to do what you can to make work easier and more pleasant for your employees, this can be one easy way to do so.

Prevent Injuries

Along with making things easier for your employees, a powered commercial garage door can also help your employees avoid injuries. After all, opening and closing a commercial garage door can be hard work, and it can put a strain on your employee's arms, back and shoulders. This means that someone could eventually be injured while trying to open and close the garage door. By purchasing a powered commercial garage door, you can help prevent injuries from happening. Additionally, if you would like to do what you can to prevent injuries, you should make sure that you choose a garage door that has safety sensors, and you may want to provide your employees with some brief training on how to use the door safely.

Get More Done in Less Time

With a powered commercial garage door, you can help get more done in less time at your place of business. This is because your employees have to stop what they are doing to open and close the door if you choose a hand-operated model. They can quickly press a button and continue on with their work, however, if you choose a powered commercial garage door.

As you can see, even though hand-operated commercial garage doors do have their benefits -- such as the fact that they can be cheaper and have simpler designs, meaning that there can sometimes be fewer repair issues -- installing a powered commercial garage door is probably a better idea. If you schedule an appointment to speak to a commercial garage door professional or company like Affina Door, however, you can find out more about your options and choose the one that is going to be best for your place of business.