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Create A Grand Entrance In Your Foyer

Your foyer gives visitors their first impression of the interior of your home. Perhaps you want that first impression to be one of elegance and style. If so, you'll want to create a grand entrance, especially if you have a staircase leading from the foyer. Utilize beautiful details and luxurious materials to transform your foyer with grandeur.

Widened Staircase

If you want to create a scene of making a grand entrance, consider widening your staircase at the bottom. Not only does this serve as a visual gesture of welcome, but it creates a transition between the steps and the room. The widening should be gradual. It also doesn't have to be radical – just a few inches of extra width should be sufficient to create that majestic ambiance.

Wrought Iron Balustrade

Along those same lines, the staircase needs suitable grand adornments. Wrought iron has long been used as a display of elegance and class, especially when it comes to the intricate designs. Elaborate wrought iron balusters can give your staircase an architectural feel because of the grace in the designs. It's possible to have the iron coil around at the bottom to subtly emphasize the widening of the stairs. A wrought iron railing is also ideal for curved staircases, because the artisans can custom create the rails for your needs. You can top the balustrade with iron or wooden handrails.

Decorative Molding

Your walls naturally take up a lot of visual space in your foyer. You can add a sense of drama by adding decorative molding to the walls. The molding should complement the beauty of the architecture. For example, if your foyer is open to the second floor, consider tall panels that emphasize the height. You should also have trim along the edge of the stairs that follow the angle of the staircase to further create drama.

Flooring Material

Of course, the floor also takes up some visual real estate. You can go one of two ways with the flooring material. If you want the staircase to take center stage, choose tile work in neutral hues. You can also opt for simple hardwood flooring. Alternatively, create extra drama with black and white tile work or even parquet flooring.

Foyer Decor

How you decorate your foyer helps you create the ambiance of a grand entrance. You should let the actual architecture take center stage, so keep it simple with the décor. For instance, Better Homes and Gardens describes a grand foyer with a single accent table that echoes the shape of the staircase. You can also opt for an opulent chair and table set if your foyer is large enough.

Design a foyer that wows your guests and creates a stunning first impression of your house's interior.