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Selling Your Home? 4 Things That Turn Buyers Off And Make Them Walk Away

If you're selling your home, you want two things. Number one: you want it to sell for top dollar. Number two: you want it to sell quickly. If you want both of these things to come true, you might have to do a little work. You see, it doesn't matter how big your house is or what neighborhood it's in. If it doesn't show well, it may turn off buyers and make them walk away before putting in a bid. Following are four easy fixes that you can do to keep those buyers turned on. 

Broken Garage Door

Tilted garage doors and doors that won't open or that jerk like crazy when they do open are a huge turn off to buyers. Not only is a broken garage door a safety concern that many buyers might have, it just look unattractive. The curb appeal of your house could be phenomenal, but if your garage door is hanging on by a single spring, buyers will focus on it and not be able to see anything else. Work with a company like Premier Door Corp to make sure your garage door is in tip-top shape.

Old, Mismatched Appliances

People don't like buying other people's dirt and grime, and that's what buyers see when you leave your 10-year-old stove in the kitchen. If you want to keep buyers turned on, invest in new, matching appliances. Not only will new appliances make your kitchen look fresh and clean, they will make it appear updated and more modern. 

Dingy Wall Treatments

The easiest cheapest makeover you can give any home is a fresh coat of paint. Dingy walls will make your home look dirty and unappealing. What's more, dirty walls have a way of making everything else in the house appear dated and dirty even when it isn't. So if you want to impress buyers with how clean, bright, and modern your home is, you definitely have to paint. 

Dying or Overgrown Lawn

A dead or overgrown lawn may be an easy fix, but buyers don't want to deal with it. Plus, many of them have trouble seeing beyond the yard to how nice your house really is. There is a reason why curb appeal sells homes. Make sure yours is all that it can be. 

As you can see, there are several things that can turn buyers off of your home. If you're putting your home on the market, be sure to take care of these small repairs and maintenance items to attract the best buyers.