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2 Tips For Making Your Storefront Door More Secure

One of the most important things that you can do when you own a business is to make your storefront as secure as possible. When making your storefront more secure, it is especially important that you focus on the front door as that is often going to be the single biggest vulnerability. Listed below are two ways to make your storefront door more secure.

Opt For High-Tech Locks

One of the easiest ways to make your storefront door more secure is to invest in high-tech locks rather than a traditional one. Examples of high-tech locks can include everything from WiFi locks to biometric locks. The reason that these locks can help is that they can make it much harder for someone to get into your store without the proper app clearance for the WiFi lock, recognized fingerprint scan for the biometric scanner, or security dongle that needs to be within range for the lock to disengage.

Another reason that these locks can help secure your property is that they can send notifications when they are being used. For example, you can set one of these locks to alert you via a text message or notification on your smartphone if the someone attempts to access the front door after you have closed the store for the day.

This can help you determine if someone is tampering with the door so that you can call the police. In addition, if something went missing from the store, you can use the app to track down who accessed the store last in order to determine who most likely stole from you.

Reinforce The Glass

Another easy way to make your storefront door more secure is to reinforce the glass. This is important as most storefront doors will typically have a lot of glass in them, which is why they are prime targets for intruders. Sure, your storefront door likely has tempered glass used in its construction, but even tempered glass will not pose much of a hindrance to a determined thief.

However, you can provide reinforcements to the glass that can help keep intruders out or at least slow them down. One option is to install a laminate film over the interior of the glass.

What this does is holds the glass in place if the glass is shattered by an intruder, which forces the intruder to continue striking the door to remove the shards of glass and the laminate film. In many cases, this can be a great deterrent as many smash-and-grab attacks are intended to be carried out quickly, so if the glass requires more work to get through then the thief will very likely just move on to avoid getting caught.

Contact a storefront window and door dealer like Access Door & Glass Inc today in order to discuss what you can do to make the storefront doors more secure. Simply installing high-tech locks and reinforcing the glass on the door can make it much more secure.